SEPAmatic® 2000V

More than ever before, mechanical removal of sinews is an important matter for precise standardization in modern sausage production. The yield that can be achieved with maximum desinewing and gentle treatment is one of the decisive criteria, together with keeping the operating costs as low as possible.


The SEPAmatic® 2000V removes sinews and cartilage from roughly dissected meat and produces a coarse top-quality meat with structured fiber ready for processing.

The weak points of existing mechanical systems are significantly improved by a number of innovations, some of which have patents pending.

For the first time, the machine setting can be set precisely and with linear reproducibility according to scale with uniform pressure throughout the entire perforated drum, since the drive and drum axis is mounted on two sides, in both the rear and front panels. This not only makes it possible to process large chunks of raw meat as in existing systems, but also extends the service life of the pressing belt, blades and perforated drum.

The values are further improved by our standard FACONOP which boosts the processing capacity immensely and makes constant supervision unnecessary.

The front panel is mounted on robust hinges so that it is easily opened for daily cleaning. The entire construction has been designed for maximum ease of maintenance.


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Technical Data

Output - Max. 8820 lbs/h*

Power consumption - 12.0 kW

Depth - Approx. 55 in

Width - Approx. 60 in

Height - Approx. 60 in**

Weight - Approx. 3305 lbs

* Depending on the perforated drum and product
** The standard discharge height of approx. 30 in can be varied as required by the customer.


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Technical Data

Output - Max. 7716 lbs/h*

Power consumption - 8.0 kW

Depth - Approx. 87 in

Width - Approx. 60 in

Height - Approx. 60 in

Weight - Approx. 3085 lbs

* Depending on the perforated drum and product


Equipment Footprint
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Maximizing Efficiency

With ever increasing labor costs throughout the world, it is becoming most important to achieve maximum carcass utilization with minimum production costs.

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