The Hydrau Separator

The principle of the Hydrau Separator system works on the basis of two different grades of solids in which bones are the harder grade, and meat is the softer grade.


The bones from the Presizer are introduced to the Hydrau Separator via its automatic feeding system. The system automatically loads batches of 20 kg (45 pounds) of bones into the pressing tube, at the end of which is the separation filter. This is sealed off by a counteram head, the counteram head contains a further conical filter to ensure separation of product at the center of the bone pad. The bones are pushed down the pressing tube by the pressing piston and into the separation chamber. When they reach the counteram head and filter, the bones are pressed at high pressure between the two opposed hydraulic cylinders. As the bones compress, the meat is pushed through the filters and away from the machine via the product outlet. The counteram then retracts and the pressing piston advances through the separation chamber to eject the bonepad. Our fastest machine's hourly throughput is 8000 lbs.


By virtue of this process, the bones are not crushed or severely broken, but in the majority remain intact, which avoids high calcium and iron contents in the final product. The few bone fragments and sinew that are in the meat product are removed by a second stage belt separator. Yield returns will of course vary boning standards, but the bones ejected from the system are reasonably clean from residual meat.



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Maximizing Efficiency

With ever increasing labor costs throughout the world, it is becoming most important to achieve maximum carcass utilization with minimum production costs.

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