The Belt Separator

The product outlet from the Hydrau Separator is connected directly to the third and final part of the system, the Belt Separator.

The new Hydrau Separator operates with new filters at lower pressures. The filters are designed to minimize temperature rise.

The Belt Separator removes bone particles from the meat using the following principle:

  1. The meat and bone particles are fed between a bilt and drum.
  2. This drum has filter holes through which the meat is forced by the belt, leaving the bone particles on the surface.
  3. The bone particles are then removed by a knife.
  4. Because there are only a few bone particles to be removed, the belt tension and subsequent pressure on the meat is minimal. This results in minimal temperature rise and avoids structural damage to the meat.



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Maximizing Efficiency

With ever increasing labor costs throughout the world, it is becoming most important to achieve maximum carcass utilization with minimum production costs.

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