Technical Data for all SEPAmatics


Operator Requirements


1 person


Continuous and careful separation by machines is becoming more and more popular in many sectors of food technology. The behavior of the respective products due to the differences in structure, strength or texture are utilized.


The product to be processed is fed between a highly elastic pressing belt and a rotating perforated drum made of stainless steel where it is exposed to an increasing short pressing and separating process. Solid parts which are harder, rougher or toughly stuck together remain on the exterior of the drum while all soft parts are pressed through the perforation inside the drum. Thus, e.g. fish stuffing can be separated from skin and bones, meat from bone splinters, gristle, skin or sinews in a continuous operation and in the recognized most careful manner.

Sieve/screen size 1.0, 1.3, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 5/10 and 10 mm - other sizes available on request
Thru-put  Varies by product type, sieve/screen size, etc.
Oversized Axle
Extended System Life
Minimized Maintenance
Adjustable Speed
System Flexibility
Hopper or Table Feed System Flexibility
Product Present Sensor Extends Belt and Machine Life

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Equipment Footprint


SEPAmatic 1200

Length 4'5", Width 4'5", approx. 20.0 sq. ft.

Height 5'0", Discharge 2'6" (variable).

Weight 2640 pounds

Electric Power Requirements: 460/3/60 voltage 20 amp. circuit (user supplied)

Electric Power Consumption: 6 kW - 11 H.P.

SEPAmatic 2000

Length 4'7", Width 5'3", approx. 24 sq. ft.

Height 5'0", Discharge 2'6" (variable)

Weight 3300 pounds

Electric Power Requirements: 460/3/60 voltage 30 amp. circuit (user supplied).

Electric Power Consumption: 12 kW - 15 H.P.

SEPAmatic 4000

Length 5'6", Width 5', approx. 25.5 sq. Ft.

Height 6'5", Discharge 2'6" (variable)

Weight 4,850 pounds.

Electric Power Requirements: 460/3/60 voltage.
30 amp. circuit (user supplied).

Electric Power Consumption: 55 kW - 74 H.P.

Electric Power Consumption:
11 kW - 21 H.P. (4000V 15kW)

Air Pressure Requirements: 6 BAR, 90 PSI.

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Maximizing Efficiency

With ever increasing labor costs throughout the world, it is becoming most important to achieve maximum carcass utilization with minimum production costs.

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